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The One Where My Son Is Like Chandler Bing

I didn’t think I would, but I kinda miss Friends on Netflix. I don’t have cable so I don’t see it on the umpteenth random daily showings on network TV. When I’m at my parents’ house and get control of the remote and see it, I stop, sit, watch. I know it had some moments that might be problematic now, and it’s cool to diss things that were and are very popular, but whatever, I find it soothing and the writing is so very clever, in my opinion.

Some of my favorite episodes are “The One Where No One’s Ready,” “The One With The Embryos,” “The One With All The Wedding Dresses,” and “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” Also, I have fond memories of watching all the episodes in order on DVD with my kids (when they were old enough). Imagine watching it with people who had never seen it and didn’t know what was going to happen next! The “WE WERE ON A BREAK!,” Smelly Cat, the gasp heard around the world when Monica and Chandler got together and when Ross said the wrong name at his wedding! My son lost his shit during the Unagi episode, so much so that one of his sisters wrote about it in a college essay describing a memorable family experience.

Speaking about my boy, and I have said it before, he is in many ways, like Chandler Bing.

Here comes the list:

1. He lives in the big city with one roommate.

2. When he dances, if you can call it that, there seems to be a lot of flailing about.

3. Everybody thinks he’s gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

Seinfeld, Season 4, Episode 17 “The Outing”

The stereotype about a neatly dressed, slim man survives!

4. He carries a backpack to work with nothing in it.

Chandler: “You know I forgot the combination to this about a year ago? I just carry it around.” The One With The Hypnosis Tape. Season 3, Epsisode 18.

5. He’s the neat one.

My son told me he just throws his roommate’s stuff out when it clutters the kitchen.

6. He does use humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

Poor Chandler had social, emotional, and commitment issues caused by his parents’ divorce at age 9. Surely this isn’t the reason why my son has developed a kind of sick and sarcastic sense of humor and has never had a serious girlfriend! Couldn’t be. My boy was 8 and half — “Totally different!” (She said, firmly footed in the land of denial.)

“Oh, it’s awkward.”

7. And here’s the big one:

No one really understands what his job is.

We do know it has to do with computers and numbers, just like Chandler. And he works in an office, like Chandler. But . . .

8. And my favorite: His mother is a best selling novelist.

Okay, so that one isn’t true — yet. But a girl can dream . . .

Just Me With . . . My boy — Chandler Muriel Bing, or Miss Chanandler Bong if you receive his TV Guide — or if you’re nasty (vintage Janet Jackson reference).

I guess he gets it honest because I’m a little like Chandler Bing as well.

The Landscaper Guy, Part Two, and The Female Chandler Bing

The Landscaper Guy, Part 2, and the Female Chandler Bing

Well, the Random-Alley -Walking- Wanna-Be Landscaper Guy called again. See, Not Digging The Landscaper Guy — Part I. I let it ring. Number WITHHELD, no voicemail. The next time he called, approximately three minutes later, I picked up. Immediately he tried to set up a date. I suggested that we talk for a bit. I asked him to tell me about himself. His reply, “What do you want to know? My age? What I do? ” Well, I asked what he did for a living. He replied that he is an iron worker for concrete installations, plus, he volunteered his age. I hadn’t asked.

Then, he did what I really hate. He asked me my age, if “you don’t mind, telling.”

I replied, I thought in a light-hearted manner, “Well, I kinda do mind telling.

His response, sounding a bit annoyed,

Why don’t women want to tell that? I told my age. I just want to know if you are older or younger.”

(Lately, I’m always older. sigh). Still, forcing a conversation about age is another pet peeve of mine. Men: if I don’t volunteer my age and especially if I refuse to answer the question, don’t ask again.

Anyway, this is what I learned from the Landscaper Iron Worker Guy:

By “I’m in school” he meant, he’s doing some sort of required periodic training program for his craft, which is putting in rebar (pieces of steel) for concrete installations for large structures like bridges.

He’s in the union. Which pays well, according to him. (I told him I knew the difference between a union and non-union skilled laborer, as I have experience dealing with unions.)

He has two grown kids, living out of the area.

He lives with his elderly grandmother, but that won’t be for long.

Starting next week he’ll be out-of-town all weekends until August 4th.

When I asked what he did for fun, he said he likes to play basketball and baseball, but, because of work, he doesn’t do much other than play Play Station, well really X-Box lately. He said he hasn’t been bowling in a while and he always wanted to go horseback riding. He likes to walk, and is trying to lose a couple of pounds.

Things that bothered me:

*Asking for my age more than once.

*Admitting the video games thing.

*Asking why I’m single — again.

*Telling me (again) that I look good for five kids.

*Saying that someone offered him a phone but he didn’t take it. Not telling me that he is actually going to get a new phone.

*When I asked about the number WITHHELD thing, he said he’d change it but that it is his grandmother’s phone number.

*Pushing me for a face-to-face date after I said I’d like to talk for a bit first.

* Asking for music lessons.

*Saying he has lived in the area for a few years but not seeming to know about anything outside the neighborhood.

* When I talked about working on my house, he asked, “Couldn’t you use having me around to help you with all that?” I joked and asked him, “Where were you last year when I was putting down that heavy flagstone?” He said he was “around.” But it occurred to me that I should have met him before. I don’t remember him speaking to me before or even seeing him around — he must have been in the house playing video games.

* Asking me why I don’t have anyone, whether I’ve had anyone since my husband and I split, and whether I’m just waiting for the perfect man. “What you gotta have a particular kind of man?” His attitude revealed a sense of insecurity, maybe he knew he wasn’t doing well with me.

*Anyone who says that they are busy weekends — all weekends — for a defined length of time — well, it makes me wonder if it’s not a weekend jail situation. I’m suspicious that way.

All in all, sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, did anyone ever see that Friends episode where Chandler was seeing Rachel’s boss, didn’t like her but at the end of each date still said,

“Well, that was fun, we should do it again sometime. I’ll call you.”?

Chandler had no intention of ever calling Joanna, yet he didn’t know how to end the interaction without saying he would. Well, I’m the female version of that. (Season Three, “The One With The Dollhouse”)

So, even though I don’t want it, I have a phone date with Landscaper Guy next week. I’d call him to tell him that I’m not interested but I don’t have his number, remember? — number WITHHELD. During our conversation I tried to tell him that I wasn’t looking to meet anyone, I was just working in my yard. Sounding a bit defensive, he insisted that neither was he and he wasn’t asking for anything physical. He also asked, “What, you have too many friends?”

Now, if I wanted a new non-physical friendship, it would have to be with someone I found interesting– maybe someone who shared my interests. If I was looking for a physical relationship with or without friendship, I would have to find him attractive — which I don’t (He’s not cute, not ugly — just not offensive — there’s a big difference).

Plus, he’s starting to just piss me off.

Yet still, I, like Chandler Bing, told him he could call me next week.

What the hell????

Just Me With . . . another phone call coming my way. It’ll be the last, I hope.

Clearly Chandler cannot say no to Joanna, as somehow he ends up handcuffed to her chair.

There are no handcuffs in my future with The Landscaping Guy.

See The Landscaper Guy, Part III and a Phone Smarter Than Me

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