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I know I’m breaking a blog rule, but I’m going to write about whatever I feel like writing about. There are a number of categories I could focus on, that other bloggers have crazy success in,  but I have an unnatural distaste for category limitations. Of course, my life experience will make the posts heavier in some areas, but I didn’t create the blog as a whole for a specific reader, audience or  demographic. Some readers may share experiences with some topics from some posts — or not.  I would consider it an accomplishment if any of my posts  are enjoyed by people with similar experiences  or  people who just enjoy the stories.

In a nutshell:  I’m a woman who married her high school sweetheart, after college but before law school, then  had a lot of kids — two at a time, then dealt with the Double Ds of divorce and depression while buying and renovating a Hoarder’s house.

Anyway, my hair dresser said I have the best stories.  My best friend said I should write.  So, here I am.

So it’s Just Me With . . . [insert my stories, thoughts and musings which may include but are not be limited to: relationships, dating, children, divorce,  depression, home improvement, law, finances, pop culture, etc. . . .]  

I will continually hone the category placement of the posts to aid readers who stumble into the blog, though.  I mean, I’m not a total rebel.

If you need to reach me, feel free to shoot an email to Roxanne.JustMeWith@gmail.com

47 responses

  1. I love your blog — full of humor and healing and honesty. We could all use a little more of these…

    And just think, you are now Just Me With…a new fan!


    1. Thank you so much. And I love . . . Just Me With . . . a new fan!

  2. I found your blog via a comment you left on my blog which I totally missed somehow. Thanks for the great read!

  3. I think this is where we exchange the jeans that fit us both so perfectly even though I’m 5’9″ and you might very well be 5″3″. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – blog style. I’m 6 months into the divorce journey, death march, walk of shame, freedom march – it varies day to day. I have three kids and a strong love of music – I play guitar. I look forward to spending a little time reading more of your posts.

  4. Great blog. I would love for you to do a guest post for my blog.

    1. Thank you. I’d love to do a guest post.

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog. For relating. For the support. And now I’ve found your blog! Beautiful. Many thx x

  6. Love your blog. Can’t wait to read more!

  7. Loving your blog – found you through Single Girl in LA’s blog/Twitter – head up, heels down…you are always stronger than you think! Jem

    1. Thanks, it was good of her to retweet me. Yeah, some days I feel stronger than others, I appreciate the encouragement.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog ! I’m going to read your entries and leave comments . Have a good one

  9. Reading this has just confirmed everything I was thinking while writing my post for today. I didn’t start my blog with an intended audience. I started it because I was bored, enjoy writing, and had a little something about a lot of something to say. Thank you!!

  10. Ummm…did you ever know that you’re my hero? Yes – I’m channeling Bette Midler today. I’m newly divorced and wished I’d found your blog when I started on this journey. I sat here this afternoon and pretty much read every post. Thanks a million.

    1. Well, thank you! I wasn’t blogging or reading blogs when I was in the thick of it and I wish I had connected with some of the people I’ve met online back then . . . but better late than never, right? Thanks again for reading and commenting, it’s good to know that I’ve reached people.

  11. I like the first sentence the best. That should be the only rule!

    1. Oh man, I need to be punished. Bad Blogger. Thank you for the award and I apologize for not completing my end.

  12. Thank you for commenting on one of my posts. I am looking forward (okay not quite due to circumstances) to communicating with or at least reading/hearing about others going through the same type situation. I never thought I would be going through Divorce. I never believed in it. At least not for stupid reasons.

    1. And thank you as well. Yeah, I didn’t see all this coming either. I’ve had a hard time.

      1. So, I finally caught up with your entire blog. Wow! What’s amazing is I think my almost Ex is and has been taking Viagra/Levitra as well. I hadn’t really looked inot what is was or does and definitely didn’t want to believe it.

      2. Ew, as to the Viagra. Ew. Thanks for reading.

  13. Really enjoying looking around your blog. Interesting and honest.

  14. Came to this blog through the anti-open kitchen article in Slate.
    Am very impressed with your level of sanity, and how hard you have worked at finding/keeping and re-finding it again.

  15. I came to your blog like Diana – via Slate. Your writing is very good – a great mix of honesty and humor. Your site has been a great find!

    1. Thank you! The Slate thing was a complete surprise. I’m glad it enabled me to meet new people.

  16. LOVE your Blog. Refreshing real and made me smile and laugh in amongst a sea of difficulties. Thanks for writing as you do and for your lovely comment on my Blog!!! xx

  17. Definitely a blog to share on social media. A link has been placed on our G+, FB and Twitter accounts so our users can share too.

  18. Love your writing!!! I have no idea how I found you – surfing when I should be working – but I’m glad I did 🙂 You’re my kind of girl *grin*

    1. Thank you. I understand; I’ve lost many an hour to random internet surfing.

  19. Just found your blog today and I just want to say “Thank you!” You express so many of the emotions I have felt since my ex-husband moved out in July 2012. My divorce was final in October 2013 and I feel like I’m still finding my way. You’re letting me know that I’m normal!

    1. Thank you so much for that! Truly. My divorce took a long time. Ugh.

  20. cantoutsmartcrazy | Reply

    I love the honesty of your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I’ll be reading yours regularly for a pick-me-up 😉

  21. Hello my friend… I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 🙂 http://rantsandruns.com/2014/07/05/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  22. I found your blog while reading about master baths and I’m in love!
    I’d love to see pics of your home. 🙂

  23. I love your blog, which I found via the search string, “Am I the only one who does not like open floor plans?”

    You are a great writer. I feel like I’m right there with you as you describe your experiences, and wish I actually was, if only to glare hotly at dense men!

    Take care!


  24. Mommy times three | Reply

    Your story is so similar to mine and why blogging is the chosen mode to share. Everyone I know says “you should write a book!” Tried that a few times, but that pesky divorce sucked up all my time. I just started blogging and boy do I love it.

    Writing about anything you want at the moment is great. Your audience gets to know you in real time. I love your format. Great works of art!

    1. Thank you! Blogging has been a great way to connect, and do some self analysis. I’m writing a book or two, but fiction with infused fact.

  25. Thank you for so humorously writing about the advantages to disadvantages of having an open floor plan. Finding you blog was perfect timing. We are working with a designer on an open floor plan. We were uptight about what to do, but the humor in your blog has helped to put our thoughts into perspective. We have chosen not to do an open floor plan. Thanks again. So glad to find your blog.

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