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I’d like to thank the Internet Academy . . .

         This blog has posts of a number of a seemingly disconnected topics, except, of course, connected by the fact that I wrote them all.    But I get that it might be confusing for people who find their way here because of an interest in real estate and then discover posts about admirers, stalkers,vacuum cleaner advertising,  Viagra  and such so I thought I’d explain.

Since I’ve been blogging these two real estate related posts have been linked by large online publications, resulting in many views:

An Argument Against The Open Floor Plan — Self-explanatory

Double Sinks in the Master Bath.  Must We Have them, Really?  — Again, self-explanatory

These are the more personal posts that have seemed to get the most views without benefit of linkage:

He Lives With His Mother?   — Dating the Momma Dwellers

The New Walk of Shame for the Single Woman —  Going Out Alone — Self-explanatory

My Panty Drawer/Your Panty Drawer — Unfortunate encounter with carpet installers

That Hoarders Smell — My house stank.   It truly did.

On Angelina Jolie, At Least No One Can Say She Got Fat — Musings on why many actresses are getting skinnier and skinnier

How I Found Out That My Ex-Husband Was Getting Married — Self-explanatory, true story

Just Me With . . . a lot of stuff . . . . 


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