Can’t Concentrate Enough to Meditate

I generally don’t do well with meditation.  I’ve had my problems with medication.

Wow, that sounds like a song.   Don’t steal it, okay? . . .  but I digress . . .

I just can’t seem to quiet my mind.  It’s an ongoing problem.  I’m better at researching issues and attempting suggested solutions from a list.  Those have been my biggest breakthroughs in dealing with my crap.    But lately I’ve been feeling almost new-age-like — until the books talk about meditation, intoning aspirations and such.   I believe it does work for some people but I  have trouble.  I know it takes practice.   The books say so.

It reminds me of the time my sister was  on a girl scout  camping trip.  All of the girls were looking into the  night sky at the stars and trying to identify the constellations.  My sister and her friend were not impressed and a little bored.  They realized that since everyone was focused and looking up to the sky they could just walk away  —  unnoticed.  And they did.

That’s what my mind does.   It just walks away.   I almost actually walked away at a group therapy meditation session, but the therapist gave me a dirty look.   I just closed my eyes. Whatever.

Anywho . . .

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, meditation.

I’ve tried it and fallen asleep, I’ve tried it and gotten very angry that THESE PEOPLE ARE MAKING ME SIT HERE!!!!  And, truth be told, I haven’t tried it very diligently.    I did try  massage once.   I could not relax.   Waste of money.

So it’s really weird that I’m walking around with my Feng Shui books and compass looking for my creativity and wealth corner.


Just Me With . . . random thoughts.

I’m tempted to preempt the trolls who will tell me to shut the f**k up and stop whining and go out and do something productive.   Tell ya what, I’ll meditate on that, m’kay?

But seriously, I may write a song.  Maybe that’s more of my meditation style.

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7 responses

  1. “Meditation” as a concept was always eluding me. First of all, it was too woo woo to even try. Second, it never happened to me. It just seemed really dumb. So, I just never thought about it in a positive way.

    Often, I would sit in my swing that is away from doors, cars, people. I sat and just looked at the plants I had planted and really liked the experience. My mind would wander to other things, but always came back to an active state where I just looked at plants, lots of green spread in front of me, over me, and around me. It was relaxing.

    As I related this to a friend, she commented on my “meditating.” I finally got it. I could not empty my mind of the external, but whatever was in front of me was the focus of my thoughts.

    I wrote an article that is now a blog post. A friend from CA who read it, commented that it was a great meditation. I got it!

    Green of nature is my key. Here is my post that was described as a meditation.

    Here is a Wikipedia description that might make meditation more reasonable as a concept. I think falling asleep might be the result of meditation. Plus, you don’t have to sit and make funny noises in a strange position, deliberately saying you are going to meditate now. I am not sure I ever achieved complete awareness!

    It is so good to hear someone not enraptured with meditating! I never say to myself that I am going to meditate. It just happens. You probably meditate but, like me, cannot readily identify the meditative state.

    1. I read the post, it was great. I did read somewhere that the color green enhances creativity and decreases stress and that greenery quiets the mind. I’ve been trying to take deeps breaths in response to suddenly stressful situations. Sounds like a no-brainer but I have to force myself to do these things. I remember being in college and enjoying the simple act of folding laundry. It would help with the stress. It was probably one of the few times when my mind was not otherwise active. I know that I have to allow it to be okay not to be thinking about what I should be doing or what I will or should be doing next. It’s a process.

    1. Okay, I meant to link to the Wikipedia article that you get if you google “meditation.” It will give you a different perspective on meditation. You can meditate as you ride an exercise bike. You don’t have to assume any position or say certain phrases or be still.

      Oh, I just wrote a post on folding clothes.

      Really, I am not trying to hijack your blog or always point to my blog.

  2. I can relate to this, I try and meditate and feel my mind racing in a million directions. I just try and remind myself it’s called meditation practice cause it takes practice.

  3. I meditate, but I totally agree that most descriptions of how to do it suck. Thus I’m thinking of writing one myself 😉

    I find that gardening instantly takes me out of ‘clock’ time.

    1. Yes, I think it comes in so many different forms. Doing it as a group was not the best way for me to start in the state that I was in. I’m searching for ways to relax now and from what I’ve read, meditation is so very helpful. I hope to find a way to do it that I will eventually feel comfortable with. Right now I try to stop and simply take deep breaths. It’s a start.

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