The Twilight Zone — Again? Seriously?

A funny thing  happened last night.   I was on my way home, driving late at night.  Admittedly, I was tired and was forcing myself to stay awake.  I  was thinking of my gig but was also wondering whether it would be too late to get one more tweet in about my latest blog post.    “What Have I Done Since My Divorce.”   It’s just some tongue-in-cheek musings about how my life has changed since my divorce became final.

All in all, the divorce date doesn’t really matter.  Still, I’ve had to pull out the final decree throughout the year for taxes, banking, other financial matters — you know, when I’ve  filled out forms that request documentation of change in marital status.  Having just gathered my tax materials I’ve had to gaze upon the piece of paper which legally ended my already dead marriage.  And I remember dates, always have — important dates, unimportant dates, dates of good memories — and bad.   I remember.  It’s a gift . . . and a curse.

It used to really bother my Ex-Husband that I remembered so many anniversaries of events.  (I guess that would be the gift part — ha ha).    The curse part is that I also recall the cluster of wintertime  “Ex Dates” like — our first kiss, when we became a couple, when he told me he was leaving me, when he moved out, and our wedding anniversary, to name a few.    So true to my tendency to hoard useless facts  today I remembered that this was the anniversary of the day the judge signed off on the divorce. . . and it was on my mind.

For whatever reason, my being tired, the broken side view mirror, a blind spot — I drifted to the right lane too slowly and didn’t see the quickly approaching car behind me.   Suddenly, a little black car sped up next to  me, too close,  forcing me to quickly swerve back over into my lane.

“Okay, now I’m awake.”  I said to myself,  startled, heart pounding.  The little black car was next to me for a few moments.   I was expecting  him or her hit the horn,  cuss me out through a closed window — at least throw an  angry look my way.  Drivers in my part of the world are not known to be gracious.  But the car simply weaved up ahead and I never got a look at the  driver.  It was dark, the windows were tinted. He or she never even flipped me the bird. I did see the back of the car, though.

Its license plate read:  DIVORCE


This time I sped up to catch the little black car to see if I read that correctly.   Yes, it said “DIVORCE.”


I exited the highway before the “Divorce-Mobile”  did. Though I’ve been known to follow random cars (ask my kids), I was not going to follow that particular vehicle.  I’m done with all that divorce stuff, as of one year ago.

Bottom line as to the divorce or the divorce mobile:  I didn’t see it coming.  It could have killed me.  It didn’t.  Perhaps it saved me.  Regardless, it went on to freak out other people while I took the next exit.

Just Me With . . .  life on the highway on the anniversary of my divorce.

Seriously, does anyone else find this an odd coincidence especially given my post before last, “I Went For Coffee and Took A Turn Into . . . The Twilight Zone.” ????

That particular vanity license plate should be illegal.   I must call my congressperson.

A related post on my gift/curse of remembering dates:  Happy Birthday to My Ex-Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend

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  1. lostonthemountains | Reply

    Wow. that is totally strange. thank goodness you’re alright:)

    1. I know, right? Glad to be home safe.

  2. Wow that’s creepy. I agree, glad you’re okay. Imagine how much creepier it would’ve been if you had crashed into Divorce.

    I would say it means, you missed getting painfully rear ended and should count your lucky stars and move on down the road.

    See what I did there.

    1. Ha! I know, it would have been apropos if Divorce had run me off the road into the mud and just kept on going!

  3. Wow! The only things that could make that license plate more repulsive (if even possible) is if it’s a divorce attorney!

    1. I know! I thought that and then hoped that our brethren would not stoop so low. But, you never know. Maybe somebody got the car as a settlement or used divorce settlement money to buy it. Either way, there’s no excuse.

  4. Oh no! So glad you’re okay!

    But that license plate? Weird!

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  6. Someone is looking out for you.

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