Top Ten Things Mariah and Nick Should Know On the Birth of Their Twins

Having done the twin thing twice, I offer the following advice:

10. Don’t go anywhere with the babies, ever

9.  Leave the kids in diapers until your family has been  talking about you for at least 6 months

8.  Remove all coffee, occasional tables or anything a toddler could climb on– or you could throw

7.  Breastfeed — it keeps you from having to do anything else, and it’s like great diet where you can eat whatever you want

6.  Forget the cute outfits for the babies, keep them in  sleepers with feet or onesies —  all the time

5.  Forget the cute outfits for yourself,  start shopping at Target, their stuff is washable

4.  Learn to sleep sitting up

3.  Know that for the first year, your children will be called, by you,

     ” This One and That One”

2.  Ignore all unsolicited advice, except for the next one . . .

1.  If you didn’t get your tubes tied, re-evaluate your birth control . . . 

      it could happen again . . . soon

2 responses

  1. As a mother of twins myself….AMEN! Raising twins is one of the best and most rewarding journeys I have been on, but it has also been the most difficult as well. : )

    1. Thanks. You said it. It can be a challenge. Twins are a trip. But so cute.

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