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Wedding Leftovers — What To Do With The Dress?

A  married woman tends to keep three major things from her wedding:  The Rings, The Dress, The Photo Album.   Well, I’m not married anymore.    Since there are kids I suppose I have to keep the wedding album.   The Rings?  Well, I recently sold them.  Didn’t get much.  Told myself I would buy something for myself — not for the house, not for the family or kids –with whatever I could get for them.  It felt empowering.  Bought  myself an  iPod.   Now the dress.  When I moved to a much smaller home, I didn’t feel like making room for the box that holds my dress.  Right now it is at my parents’ house.   I couldn’t get a local consignment shop to take the veil so it went to Goodwill.   The shoes finally got thrown out.  They were stained satin, unwearable.  I was only keeping them for sentimental reasons.  I’m devoid of sentiment these days, so they are gone.   But that danged dress!   It’s a little harder to get rid of.  I looked good in that dress.   I was wed long enough ago that the dress is completely out of style, but it’s not old enough that it  could be worn as vintage.   Even if it was wearable,  I guess I’m just superstitious enough that I wouldn’t want someone I know wearing my wedding dress since the marriage ended in divorce.   So what to do with it?   Halloween?  Perhaps.  I keep thinking I’ll have one of those parties for women when you wear a wedding or bridesmaid dress just for fun.  Yeah, that’ll  happen — not!  My daughters want to play with it.  Maybe I’ll let them — before I get rid of it.   But I think I kinda don’t want to see it, ever again.  Donating it to a theatre company?  Possible.  Burn it in the fire pit I built with my own bare hands in the yard of the  house I now own  by myself (well, with the bank)?  hmmmm.  I just don’t know.   Seems so wasteful,  maybe like the wedding, maybe like the marriage.   (yeah yeah I know, I got the kids out of the marriage — but for the kids, though, what a freakin waste) .    I looked damn good in that dress— a lifetime ago . . .

Divorced Ladies:   What have you done with  your wedding gown?

Just Me With . . . a big old white dress.
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