Another Embarrassing Moment, Another Crush

I was in law school.   In other words, I was grown ass woman.  Indeed, I was a married woman.   But there was one law professor who had most of the women swooning.  I’ll call him Professor Silverstein.  His area of expertise was criminal law.  I had no real interest in criminal law at the time, yet I took extra classes in criminal procedure.  So if you ever get arrested, call me.   Or more importantly, ask to call me . . .  it will preserve your rights and the cops have to leave you alone . . . but I digress.

George Clooney

Professor Silverstein was of medium height, well,  that’s being generous, I think he was kinda short.  He was older, of course, had salt and pepper hair parted on the side.  It was always a little long and he often ran his hand through it to push it off his face.  (I really wanted to do that for him.)   He had a slim build and occasionally looked like he could use a shave.   He had just a perfect smile, kind of like a George Clooney smile.  Now of course Professor Silverstein was not as Hollywood attractive as George Clooney — c’mon, this is real life —  but he had that Hollywood smile.  Yes, yes, he did.  Wait, what?  I guess got distracted.   Anyway,  and he was so, so smart.  Smart is sexy, very sexy.   And he was funny.  The whole class would be cracking up over the Fourth Amendment.   If you’ve read the Fourth Amendment, you know that  it isn’t funny at all.  It’s all about searches and seizures and probable cause and such —  but Professor Silverstein made it so freaking entertaining. Did I mention he had a sexy voice, too?  Smooth, confident, but I digress . . . again.  Anyway,  Monday, Wednesday and Friday was like a trip to a strip bar.  We could look, riveted, but we could not touch.     The Professor was out of reach.


I sat front and center.   My Law School Crush was on one side and my Law Professor Crush was directly in front of me.   No wonder I was such a good student.  Professor Silverstein taught in a relaxed socratic method,  but not in a mean way.  No, he was pleasant and cordial.   People, well, women,   we all wanted him to call on us, just so that he would say our names.   I loved the way he said my name.   Consequently, I was always prepared for class.  Always.

Call on me, baby, call on me.

One day after his class a friend and I were walking together.   We were being just plain silly.  Having recently discovered that we shared the same crush on Professor Silverstein we would often discuss important issues after class like,

Did you see him smiling today?  He was so sexy.  He is so cute.

I’m not sure why my friend and I were upstairs near the offices, we must have had something administrative to take care of, but we walked the faculty halls giggling  like teen girls talking about how cute we thought  Professor Silverstein was.

Me:  “Did you see him today?”

My Friend: “Oh my God, he’s so sexy.”

Me:  “He said my name, did you hear it?”

My Friend:  “Oh my God, you’re sooooo lucky . . . .  ”  

Grown women, acting like kids.  We were just being over-the-top silly, messing around.  Law School can be so serious, got lighten it up some, right?
Hanging on each others’ arms and still giggling, we rounded the corner and something caught our eyes.

We turned together and . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . .

There he was, that man with that smile, that Professor of Criminal Law, the man we had been ogling over and giggling about . . . and who had apparently been walking behind us for the entire length of the hallway leading to his office.  Yup, yup.  We didn’t notice because we were too busy giggling about how cute and sexy he is.   And there he was, smiling  . . . at us.

It was a double deer in headlights situation.

“Helloooo Ladies!”  he said, like he was some mac daddy in a bar.

“Hi!”  We replied in unison, with voices much too high for grown women in law school.

He kept smiling as he entered his office.  He may have chuckled.

My friend and I just stood there, eyes wide,  “OH MY GOD!!!!” — except we were whispering this time.

Just Me With . . .  a crush on my professor and outted as a silly girl —  thank God for anonymous grading.

12 responses

  1. Thank goodness for male professors in school. I had a criminal justice prof that I was infatuated with for the whole semester. Okay, still am infatuated. We did flirt outrageously during class. When talking about gender inequality in the criminal justice system, you just have to have something to lighten the mood. Great story. I wish I could have been walking behind him.

    1. Thanks. He was probably eating it all up. Didn’t stop me from sitting front and center the next class.

  2. No, the class was not funny. You just had to be there.

  3. Oh God I’m cringing for you…but it does sound like college was better because of him 🙂

    1. Yup, he made Criminal Procedure sexy.

  4. Fun story, made me smile 🙂

    1. Thanks, my friend and I laughed about it for a while, even though we were mortified!

    2. Thanks, he probably already knew he was a favorite with the ladies.

  5. Hehe! This story made me giggle! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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