Just Me With My First Blog Post!

Well, I hope this isn’t a mistake. The first post is supposed to be the grabber, the one to establish your niche in cyberworld. Am I a dating blogger? breakup blogger? mommyblogger? a singlemommy blogger? a DIY blogger? Truth be told I haven’t written what I want to be my first official blog yet. But my page looked so . . . unfinished ( I really hate that ) so this little ditty is my first official, if not well advised, blog. Sigh. Sometimes it seems I do so many things butt backward (notice the effort not to swear on my first post?). Ha!

3 responses

  1. Regarding double sinks in the Master Bath, they are sometimes necessary, but not one hundred percent of the time. First time buyers homes realize they are not going to get their dream homes the first time around – they must be earned…unless mommy and daddy are underwriting their every wish – but that is another problem.

    That aside, my concern regards the “must have” granite counter tops. There are many other fine products such on the market Cambria, Caesaetone, Silestone quartz, Corian, concrete, etc. Why is it that so many buyers insist upon granite? At times – especially watching HGTV, the younger buyers (most often on limited budgets) make granite an absolute and sound like spoiled, entitled toddlers who have learned a new word and repeat it over and over to prove their supposed knowledge. True, granite is a fine natural product, but they should do some sleuthing on the internet and at home improvement stores to learn about other materials.

    As an example, I know of many solid black installations that show every small bit of food, fingerprints and dust. It makes the chief cooks and bottle washers so crazy they are constantly cleaning them with glass cleaner. Small dark objects blend into dark countertops (no matter the material) . And, highly patterned materials create visual problems with tightness or strong pattern movement that can make the user’s stomach queasy.

    All buyers, but especially first time buyers, need to learn about every aspect of quality kitchens, and not depend upon knowing one word (granite) to direct your first house purchase.

    1. Ahh yes, the “must have” granite counter tops. That’s a big one. That one gets to me as well, especially if the value of the house itself does not support going to the expense of granite. There are many other options. It kills me when a first time buyer sees a kitchen with a workable kitchen with decent counter tops made of some man-made material and they assume they have to redo the whole kitchen and get granite! There’s never any discussion as to whether this is a necessity now or ever or whether their money might be better spent elsewhere. There’s never any discussion about why they want the granite, except that’s what they are supposed to have, because that’s what everybody wants. It is so annoying. And it breeds a belief that for a home to be sellable or livable it must have granite.

      You said it best: “All buyers, but especially first time buyers, need to learn about every aspect of quality kitchens, and not depend upon knowing one word (granite) to direct your first house purchase.” That is so true. They rarely talk about counter space, just the granite. I feel the same about stainless steel appliances. It’s a huge expense that seems to be a very directly marketed fad. But stainless steel is difficult to keep clean and it’s just so expensive. In a modest home, stainless steel and granite seems like overkill. But the buzz words are repeated over and over again for kitchens until everyone believes that they must have: granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, open floor plan. Must have.


  2. Stainless steel is so cold and uninviting. Drop anything on granite and it is going to break. I don’t even think granite is appealing to the eye. Uggg

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